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We are announcing a special discount for customers that are reserving their pickup and return from and to Narita airport. 
We appreciate for your continuous support!

*You may contact us to learn more on the special pickup and return narita pickup














*For pickup within tokyo, or from tokyo to other cities please contact us.                                   


***       Bookings On Arrival                                              : + ¥ 1,000

****     Bookings made from                  07.00 - 21.59      : Standard Price
*****   Night-Time Pick-up                    22.00 - 22.59      : + ¥ 2,000

*****   Late Night -Time Pick-up           23.00 - 05.59      :  + ¥ 4,000
*****   Early Morning -Time Pick-up     06.00 - 06.59  
    : + ¥ 2,000

****** To prevent 'no show' on the pick-up date, customers who chose Cash / Credit Card on Arrival payment would need to be required to send us one of these documents in advance:
1. Japan Residence Card (在留カード/ Zairyu Kado)
2. Japanese Driver License
3. Japanese Health Insurance Card
You could also send us a copy of your passport if you do not have any of those documents above. Our driver would depart after we have received your confirmation about the pick-up and it would take between 1 - 1.5 hours for Haneda Airport pick-up and 1.5 - 2 hours for Narita Airport pick-up. Hoping for your kind understanding on this matter.

******* Customer with Payment on arrival/cash for their payment method will get their driver availability confirmation as late as 48 hours before pickup date.

The pick-up time will be adjusted to passenger's arrival time + 1 - 1.5 hours or based on passenger request. IF there is a delay of more than 60 minutes from pick-up time without noticing us, there would be an extra charge of 2,000JPY / hour.

Cancellation Policy

1. Cancellation of reservation more than 1 week before local pick-up time will be charged 10% of the total quoted price.

2. Cancellation of reservation 1 week before local pick-up time will be charged 25% of the total quoted price.
3. Cancellation of reservation 72 hours before local pick-up time will be charged 50% of the total quoted price.
4. Cancellation of reservation 24 hours before local pick-up time will be charged 100% of the total quoted price.
5. There would be no charges for any cancellation due to force majeure (Flight canceled due to extreme weather conditions, airport closures).

6. Rescheduling will be free of charge as late as 1 day before the pickup date.

7. Re-arranging the pick-up time/location or drop-off location on the scheduled pick-up date will be charged accordingly (2,000JPY/hr after the first free hours of waiting time or with a maximum of 100% of the total quoted price).


Refund Policy

1. Refund will be processed the day customer asks for cancellation and the amount will be received by the customer within 7 business days.
Note: The process would take longer than 7 days depends on the credit card/bank company.
2. Refund available via Credit Card, PayPal, or Japan Bank transfers.

Haneda Prices
Narita Prices
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